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Have you always dreamed about getting a new cup? You're just right here!

The cup

These cups can fit 2,5 dl (8.5oz) of your favourite drink - cold or warm! You can even fit 3 dl if you fill it right up to the edge. Since the enamel cups have a core of metal, they won't break when dropped! They are perfect for hiking and camping, and can even be used as mini pots, heating the drink inside. However don't put it in a microwave, as it's core is of metal!


The cups have our logo in the front, and the rest is white ceramic coating, except for the black edge on top. The print itself was done by the wonderful people over at Sogndal Ressurssenter, so when you get a cup from us, you don't only get a beautiful cup, but you also support their work to provide a meaningful occupation to people who need slightly adapted work.

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