You're at ease

You're at ease


The Duo

EASE is a musical duo consisting of the two, young musicians and songwriters Eirik Andreas Albretsen and Sara-Estelle Gößwein from Norway and Germany. Using the first letters of their names, the duo name EASE was created, a word that also means freedom from pain and trouble, comfort of body and mind. The word also represents well how the duo works together - at ease.

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Sara-Estelle Gößwein

Sara-Estelle Gößwein is a 19 year old singer/songwriter that also plays the guitar, ukulele, cajon and piano. She is songwriter of the la-le-luna family band, based at the Lake of Constance in Germany. Since a very young age she has been composing, as well as singing in multiple choirs and ensembles. She has lived in Norway for two years, where she went to the United World College and performed at several international shows. She is founding member of Music for Sustainability, a group that focuses on making aware of crucial humanitarian issues, using music as a mean of communication.

Eirik Andreas Albretsen

Eirik Andreas Albretsen is a 19 year old composer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist from Kaupanger, Norway. He is a classically trained pianist and singer, and also has experience with choirs and brass bands. Other instruments he plays include trombone, bass and percussion. He represented Norway in the Sound of Music Camp in Austria, and he has also taken part in several big concert productions in his region.

"At ease"- live covers

Don't you feel the harmony? In our covers, we strive to not only be in musical harmony with each other, but also to be in harmony with all kinds of different surroundings. A moving train was our music studio in "Gute-Nacht-Kuss", and "Interlude 1" was recorded on a hike. These videos are also very often recorded in one take and edited only very lightly. The audio in "Om du vil" is actually not adjusted at all!

About the website

This website has been programmed and designed from scratch by our very own Eirik. All pictures, icons and pages are home made with love! The server is hosted in Germany. We don't use any cookies, so that means we don't collect any information from you. The web page is static, which means that it is delivered to you exactly as stored, and exactly as we have written it. It is just the same as if you were to read a pdf-file. There is no way a pdf-file can track you or give you annoying ads!

If you have questions or suggestions, we would love to hear from you in the about page!

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